Body/Head Coming Apart

September 19, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra



Coming Apart


“Yeah, I was staring at the ground for the most part, doesn’t mean I wasn’t into it though.” ┬áThat’s how I found myself talking after seeing Northampton Wools Thurston Moore and Bill Nace loudly molest a couple of Jagmasters in a bowling alley in Palmer, MA. You ever think about the words that just left yr mouth and instantly realize you sounded like a hopeless doofus? Yeah, one of those times. But I did have a point somewhere in there no matter how ham-fisted I came across. There was no reason getting vision involved when it’s, for good or ill, about sound. Ugh, I still sound like a dunce. Fuck it, here’s “sounds duo super group” Body/Head.

Bill Nace done switched it up this time with Kim Gordon in what has to be the best band name since “Circle Jerks.” The album is titled “Coming Apart” and it’s chalk full of haunted guitar abuse and the vocal stylings of Gordon howling in a trance. It’s an unsettling collection of guitar manipulation that most people will hate, which is good. At least yr feeling something.

For me, music like this is meant to be seen performed live. I found it unsettling when a friend popped in a Jim O’Rourke freakout as background music during a party. I wondered what kind of horror was going on inside the head of this person, especially after they scoffed at the suggestion of gettin’ into some Big Tymers next. Each his own I guess, each his own.

Attempting to write about this record is deeply boring to me because it’s indescribable. See, stuff like this isn’t referencing anything except itself. There’s no blues chords, no verse chorus verse, no bridges to anything except total freedom from rules. If that statement ain’t deep enough for you than I don’t know what else to do.

Go out and catch a Body/Head show. It’ll be nothing like the record but you won’t remember what the record sounded like anyways. I promise.

Fuck art, let’s dance…
Jasen Ribadenera


“Can’t Help You” directed by Richard Kern

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