Fiona Apple “Why Try To Change Me Now?”

August 10, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Fiona Apple


“Why Try To Change Me Now?”

Thought it fitting to sing “Criminal” in low tones laying on a bed/bench in cell #2 last night and now I’m deep in the depths of a full fledged Fiona Apple binge. Constantly being reminded why I fell in love with her during the long summer of 1996. What? Why was I in a jail cell? Guess I underestimated the inherent boredom of Eastern MA police officers. Of course it wasn’t my fault! Why are you giving me that look!?  I’ll delve into the events that led to me being taken off the streets of a quiet beach community and standing in front of a judge barefoot the next morning when I can fully grasp what actually did happen. Until then I’m putting “Tidal” on repeat and enjoying my so-called freedom, however fleeting it may or may not be.

“I’m sentimental so I walk in the rain.

I got some habits even I can’t explain.

I go to the corner and I end up in Spain.

Why try to change me now?”


Jasen Ribadenera



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