Freebase Afternoon

August 1, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Freebase Afternoon


by JJR

No change

I can’t change. I can’t change. I can’t change.

Cuz I’m here in my mold. Yeah, I’m here in my mold.

Days of airbags, H.I.V.

  as far as I can see.

 It’s a black metal afternoon, a freebase afternoon.


my way or the highway.

 No quarter asked and

none given.

Sleep now brother,

you are forgiven.

Someday everything’s gonna sound like a rhapsody.

Just wait.

I got a date with a rich white lady.

Ain’t life great?

There’s no worries in Hollywood.

Come sweet death, one last caress.

You loved that song by the Misfits.

But anyways,

we were just kids.

She promised me that she’d be there with me

when I paint my masterpiece.

Someday everything’s gonna be different.

When I paint my masterpiece

it’ll be September forever.

We’ll be back in the land of coca cola

and there will always be something there to remind me.

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