Howling Threats From Heaven / Weekends release their “Basement Fuzz” Video

June 13, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Howling Threats From Heaven



 “Basement Fuzz” Video

I spent last summer held up in my childhood room, white knuckling sobriety and missing NYC. I was back in the happy valley of Western MA, having failed miserably at being a functioning addict in Brooklyn. It was weird, lonely and weird. Returning to yr old home town after being away for any length of time is going to be tough but when you throw in the fact that you sniffed and drank away yr whole life and are now faced with eating dinner with yr 90 year old grandparents every night, reality comes screaming in like a falcon to carry off any remaining hope you had that you could be “normal” again.

Late one afternoon while playing par 3 golf with some friends I couldn’t think of any good reasons not to drink the beers that were brought along.Fast forward 8 hours and I’ve got a pint of rum in my pocket and a gram of coke in my brain. I was happy, until the next day of course. Waking up from a relapse is a shame I wouldn’t wish on my worst. Horrid flashes of guilt and the stinging feeling of not learning one’s lesson were on me like a neck bone and I sat quiet for hours up in that fucking room of mine. I was doing time. Around the 4 hour mark I needed something, anything, to get me out of my head and quiet the noise. That was the night I discovered the album New Humans by the band Weekends, an album that makes so much noise that it cancelled out all else, demanding a smile. As I said in a previous review the vocals “speak to me like some manic depressive howling threats from heaven,” and it was just what was needed on that sticky, guilty night. I was three tracks deep when I realized that what I was listening to was incredible and a life changer. The song was “Basement Fuzz” and it brought me out, punched me in the heart and kissed my headache. I still remember the excitement of that moment as I listen to it now.

This song, and the album it’s on are both some of the best music to come out of anywhere ever so I say, “About time that they make a visual to accompany it.” Who cares if it’s not much more than a 1992 camcorder recording shot from the hip in some garage of a bar in Baltimore, Maryland. This song is better than drugs, trust me on this one. Listen with abandon bitches. May the Youtube views go into the thousands!

Love you!

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