If You Find Speed

April 26, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

If You Find Speed.

No more cigarettes or South pole,

love it or leave it.

No regrets.

I spent it all,

now I’m rich.

Nuclear arms reach to me.

No more step daughters.

Complete macaroni and cheese.

Canned corn, gravy ground beef.

Little sister in the street,

little brother in the leaves.

No more guilty defeats or calls to police.

No more gun chipped teeth.

Yr favorite color/Sleep on it.

Sleep on the street.



Attractive shit where you eat.

I know I said I need my space.

Just leave me my Desmond Dekker,

and if you find speed…

Then there’s no room for step dads in my version of summertime.

There is no room for steps in my dad’s version of summertime.

There is no room.


Jasen Ribadenera Feb-March ’13

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  1. Tiny Dancer says:

    Yes. More speed please.

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