Jackson Scott

March 20, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


Jackson Scott’s songs sound like the muzak that would either haunt you or lull you as you shop for pajamas with yr pharmacist, the flickering neon lights showing dermal imperfections. Having said that, this too is some beautifully fucked up stuff yr about to get into.

Hailing from Asheville, NC this super freak creates songs that trip somewhere between Pure Guava era Ween and some other bands that I don’t feel like thinking about enough to name here. I wonder what label will offer him hang gliding lessons for the rights to release his first 7”?

For fans of Woods and The Oh Sees. Listen and you’ll see what I’m sayin’, or maybe you won’t. I mean… That happens a lot, I’m not gonna lie, but either way I’m sure you’ll dig it. If not, take it up with Lenny Bruce.

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Jasen Ribadenera

Wed 3-20-thirteen

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