John Davis “Masoch”

September 3, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

John Davis



off Spare Parts, out Oct 29 on Shrimper Records

The first thing I thought when this song began was how good the background noise sounds at the very beginning and then, “Where the fuck has John Davis been for the last 13 years?” If yr not familiar with Mr. Davis he used to account for one half of the band Folk Implosion with Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) Together, they put out some really interesting 4 track albums in the mid nineties before going hi-fi and scoring a surprise hit single with “Natural One” off of the Kids soundtrack. You know the song even if you don’t think you do. Look it up you bastards, you’ll see. Anyways, Davis quit the band after the recording of One Part Lullaby in 1999 and refused to tour in support  leaving Barlow forced to stag it. I remember seeing him all alone on stage with some pre-recorded backing tracks in Providence, RI looking very shell shocked and self conscious while my friend yelled out requests for obscure Sentridoh songs (are there any other kind?) that he obviously had long forgotten how to play. Moving on.

Once in a while I would get curious and check to see if John D. had surfaced yet but was always left holding the bag. I’d read some things about where he was and what he was up to but all I really wanted to know was if he was ever going to give me anymore music. Now I know because he has. Here’s the sleepy “Masoch” off the upcoming Spare Parts album.

Case Closed.

Jasen Ribadenera

WMASS 9.3.13.

Also, here’s “Barricade” from the amazing Dare to be Suprised by Folk Implosion just because it rules.

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