John Frusciante “Moments Have You”

February 2, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

John Frusciante’s “Moments Have You” starts off with the lines “All around you is to feel and watch you. They make patterns to peel the sound and I find it a pain that goes along with being in chaos’s order.”
Those kinds of lyrics mumbled over an acoustic guitars deliberate downward strum and the dirty beat of a drum machine make for the kind of song that you don’t necessarily need to be lifted on LSD to understand but I’m sure it would help. Whatever works? Sure.
I like to think John is saying that we are constantly in the moment and tend to forget it while planning or regretting pasts and futures. Making sense out of these random happenings can get to be a pain. These things make sense to me as I play this on loop at mid-volume in my Bushwick apt while my roommate watches Star Trek the Next Generation loudly from his own space. I hear Captain Picard wax poetic about lost loves in summertime and Cricket games at dusk while the xylophone part kisses my ears and it’s one of those special mixture of moments that will no doubt linger in my mind for life… and then Data says something serious and I come rushing back to reality. But never for long.
I love how you can only understand one out of ten words that Frusciante sings and even then it’s probably “I” or “You.” This tune is all feelings if you know what I’m saying and it shames me to babble about such mundane things as “meanings” and “Captain Picard.” I didn’t dare bring up The Red Hot Chili Peppers strictly for this reason. My thoughts are turning to soup now and my friend just sent me a picture of her kitten playing with a tampon so I have to go deal with that image. Yes… I feel the dumb taking over and it’s only a matter of time now until I forget  but I’m lucid enough to scribble this nonsense ideology that things are happening most right now.  Maybe that’s what Frusciante meant… then again, maybe not.

John Frusciante

“All again and yr always free by now. I didn’t fake this so you could fade away. I’ve been careful to take what I’ve spent. I remember every end.”

“Moments Have You” off To Record Only Water for Ten Days

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Love You

Jasen Ribadenera

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