Man meets Bear / “Northern Lights”

March 26, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Man meets Bear


“Northern Lights”

So, I’m busy being bored the other day when I’m contacted by a man named Soren telling me about his new song “Northern Lights.” I go to the recommended Soundcloud page, click the play button, and I’m immediately met with a rapidly strummed electric guitar. The first thing I notice is that it’s the sort of strum I like, a wavering, stuttering strum not preoccupied with time. The type of noise that one could imagine goes on in Stephen Malkmus’ head as he makes love to his wife, fireside on a shag carpet in a cabin on Big Sur. Then the singing starts. Think Morrissey with a crush on Evan Dando. As soon as the DUI drum beat kicked in it was a done deal. That’s when I knew I had been introduced to not only a good song, but a great song.

Man meets Bear is a guy named Soren Little Brothers. He is an Ecologist with a knack for writing dusty psychedelic pop songs. Here is his first single “Northern Lights” off his new album Buffalo Comets.

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