Modest Mouse =The Lonesome Crowded West= documentary

September 28, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

modest mouse


The Lonesome Crowded West documentary

I heard “Teeth Like Gods Shoeshine” and couldn’t even make it to the end before I was starting it over again to hear it from the beginning. I had found what I’d been looking for. This was, and will always be that album that left me completely floored and super inspired. It will never leave my head and will never leave my heart.

November 18th 1997. I had just turned 17 and was back living with my family after being gone for a little while in the wake of  some pretty heavy dysfunction. I’ll always associate it with those times but not necessarily in a bad way. I may have only lasted another month living back home but I had discovered the perfect music in the process, it could have been worse. At least I had this album to constantly rave about and turn others onto. At least I could sit in my car and listen to “Trailer Trash” and get that feeling in my chest.  I still get the same feeling when playing  the Lonesome Crowded West as I did back then and for that I’ll always be grateful. This record is one of my best friends.

So… here’s a great little doc that steers clear of nostalgia and just offers up the story with no pretense. Talk all the shit you want about Pitchfork but they did a great job with this. I almost made it all the way through before starting it over again.

“He goes to the desert, points his rifle to the sky and says “God. If I have to die you will have to die.”

Jasen Ribadenera


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