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February 5, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


Held In Splendor


Mexican Summer

by J R

I promise I won’t make any cheesy comparisons such as, “Like it’s cute namesake implies, Quilt’s music is a deeply layered patchwork.” No. I’ll just rap the usual nonsense at you and put a song at the end, hoping that I didn’t sour you to the point of not getting there. But I digress…

“Tie up the tides” is track 5 on the new Quilt record Held In Splendor and it’s one of the best songs that I’ve heard lately. It’s one of those bastards that grabs yr attention right off the bat, whether or not yr paying it any, and keeps it until the last note degrades. After one listen you’ll want to go again. I promise, it’s that good – as is the rest of the record from these art school graduates from Boston’s surrounding grounds.

The sophomore follow up to 2011’s excellent self-titled debut is 13 more songs of wavy psych trash averaging around 3 minutes each. Produced by Woods guitarist Jarvis Taveniere, the songs feature tons of awesome harmonies on top of bouncing rhythms and sun-burnt guitars for the Mama Cass in all of us. With lyrics like “I used to think that you were moving, but now I see that you are still. I used to think that you were changing, but now I see you never will” and “Eeewww they’re gonna let you down” over simple plucks from a semi-hollow body these songs are perfectly suited for the sunny Sunday mornings after.

My favorites so far are “Tie Up The Tides,” “Eye Of The Pearl,” “Tired And Buttered,” and “Talking Trains.”

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