Rogue Wave Nightingale Floors

October 4, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Rogue Wave


Nightingale Floors


I’ll never write a review for a record that…

A) I don’t love

B) is put out by Elliott Smith because he’s dead now and that just sucks or

C) is just filler to build up my library of examples of positive critique.

Having said that, all those rules will go out with the garbage if Jasen somehow slithers into a paycheck therefore making him a legit journalist who in theory is just doing his job. Oh, how I long for the days of deadlines and not paying my bills because I’m a broke ass writer anxiously waiting on a check from Cat Fancy magazine.

Rogue Wave’s Nightingale Floors is a fantastic disaster of an album. A collection of 10 straight forward purity of vision pop tunes courtesy of┬áZach Schwartz. The album gives birth to the slow burn hum of a warm electric guitar at the beginning of “No Magnatone” and comes crying to life with a simple marching band snare drum/floor tom beat that lasts the remainder of the song. It’s within the next song “College” that you find yrself coming to grips with the possibility that it may turn out to be yr favorite child. Right away you can tell that yr going to be playing it a lot. The record is up tempo heavy with lots of focus on rhythm. For example the first four songs sound like an experiment in using the same drum beat while not making it obvious because the other things that are happening are so gorgeous you get lost in the sounds. “I Figured It Out” could be their flagship song if they were ever so inclined as to need one. It’s the type of song that should be played at top volume for that sad sack who is giving up on “new” music because they can’t find anything good anymore. Yeah, I said it. Give it a good listen if you don’t believe me. See, I told you.

Rogue Wave has given us a gift here that has a bit of something for everyone. From the dancible fuzz of “Siren’s Song” all the way over to the Mazzy Star conjuring “Everyone Wants to be You” this record is waiting for you. Don’t freak out though, they’re patient but at the same time you don’t want to play hard to get either. Take me as an example. I’m pouring my heart out over here for nothing more than the insatiable lust to see you get off on some beautiful noise… and you can trust me. I work for no one.

Jasen Ribadenera

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