Sean Yeaton (Parquet Courts) Is Quitting Music

April 2, 2015

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Sean Yeaton (Parquet Courts) Is Quitting Music

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by Jasen Ribadenera

I was on Craigslist when I saw it. The ad read “Fender Bullet Bass Vintage PARQUET COURTS (Brooklyn).” I clicked on it and was shocked to read that Sean Yeaton, bassist for the much loved Parquet Courts, has quit music and is currently selling every instrument he owns to finance a romp in flight school. Who knew? From punk rock to airplanes, the progression is as natural as a Bushwick greenmarket and I for one applaud the choice. Rockstars are passé. Pilots are the new punks.

So, if yr in the market for a sweet Fender Bullet Bass that’s seen some shit then hit him up. God speed Sean Yeaton. Have a good trip.

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