Sebadoh / Bowery Ballroom / 8.22.12

August 23, 2012

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra











Circle of Buzzards

Bowery Ballroom 8-22-12

by Jasen Ribadenera


“I stopped doing drugs and had kids, I thought… how else can I blow my life apart?” Lou Barlow on parenting. “Not a Sebadoh song!? Fuck you! Why, just cuz it’s got disco beat?” Lou berating an audience member who screamed “Thats not a Sebadoh song!” after one of their new songs crept into the setlist. I’m gonna have to side with Lou on this one. Sebadohs’ sound has always veered wildly track to track and album to album. Shit, listen to the brilliant Sebadoh III, its like a mix tape, and thats why I love em.

This tour expands on that concept, with the Jason Lowenstein and Bob D’Amico duo Circle of Buzzards opening the show like a backfiring Buick. Ultra aggressive bass and drums freakout with a hooded Lowenstein screaming things that I can’t understand, and maybe thats for the best. The set was not much more than a half an hour with songs stopping only for a muttering Lowenstein letting us know that we’re “inside the circle”. What a way to open a show, kinda mind blowing.

Lou slunked to the stage with a ukelele, put his leg up on the chair and began to play “Temporary Dream” the leadoff track from Weed Forstin’ so its all starting to make sense? Yes, yes it is. The Sentridoh set was full of songs from Weed Forestin which is awesome because that’s one of the best batch of tunes ever recorded in a bedroom on cassette, or just simply one of the best records ever, if yr nasty. A bald man openly wept during “I can’t see” and had to be consoled by his slightly self-conscious boyfriend, while the tall kid next to them hit the pipe.

That made sense to me, I get it.

Sebadoh now. Open with “Flame” which takes on different sound every time it’s played, and thats okay with us. Bob D’Amico drives the song along like he would drive that Buick once he finally got it started. It’s nice to see Sebadoh with such a fucking great drummer, who actually wants to be the drummer. Every time I see them they’ve tightened their sound while taking more risks with guitars which makes for a perfect live band. “Homemade” smashed better than it did on Bubble and Scrape which is a feat in itself. Same goes for “Beauty of the Ride” off Harmacy.


Get better with time or die.

To see these guys still making amazingly honest and weird punk rock gives me a slap to the heart.
Just listen to”All Kinds” off the new Secret EP and you’ll know, oh… you’ll know.
Great show, good show, awesome set, good stuff, can I have a picture, an autograph?
So fly back to L.A. Lou. Start working on the new record… please.

Jasen Ribadenera 8-23-12

Sentridoh Setlist

Temporary Dream
Jealous of Jesus
Whitey Peach
I Believe in Fate
I cant see
Ride the Darker Wave
It’s so Hard to Fall in Love
Calves of Champions

Sebadoh Setlist

Arbitrary High
Magnets Coil
Got It
Mind Reader
Crazy People
Didnt remember the name of this one
Love to Fight
Keep the Boy ALive
Beauty of the Ride
I Dont Mind
Crystal Gypsy
My Drugs
Sacred Attention

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