Sebadohs “Defend Yourself” out Sept 17th on Joyful Noise

June 5, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


Defend Yourself is coming out September 17th on

Joyful Noise Recordings



Working my restaurant job this afternoon I took a furlow to a back stairwell sanctuary to collect myself in the midst of a vicious grease fire that sent cooks and waiters alike fleeing like roaches from a shoe sole to the outskirts of the kitchen. ¬†I took a quick knee and checked my so-called email. I had one from Joyful Noise, one of the smartest and most interesting record labels out there today. When I read the news that Sebadoh was releasing their next full length album “Defend Yourself” with them on September 17th a little grease fire flared up in my soul.

The label’s released a limited edition vinyl 10″ of ¬†Sebadohs “Secret EP” which was put out quietly last summer on bandcamp and sold on cd only at their shows. It’s a great batch of songs from a band that hadnt put out anything in 14 years. It’ll hold you over ’till Sept. I’m happy that Sebadoh’s decided to go with Joyful Noise and I’m happy I didn’t get burned today.

From my mouth to Gods ears.



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  1. kristen jane says:

    Build a little grease fire in your soul.

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