Sleeping Where I Fall. Chelsea Light Moving. Hartford CT 4.7.13

April 13, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

“Sleeping Where I Fall”

Chelsea Light Moving

Arch St. Tavern Hartford CT 4.7.13

I felt like the illigitimate son of Richard Ramirez and Lindsay Lohan walking into the Arch St. Tavern like I owned the joint. I instantly made fleeting eye contact with Thurston Moore who was posted up at the corner of the bar like some tilted mailbox. I squinted my eyes as I’m want to do and shifted my attention to the bartender. I ordered Kevin and I some drinks and we sat off to the side talking, waiting for the painkillers to kick in. Just another cold spring night in Hartford, Connecticut.

chelsea light moving

Chelsea Light Moving is Thurston’s new band with John Maloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man), Samara Lubelski (AC/DC), and Kieth Wood (Hush Arbors) and the source of excitement for me since seeing their Brooklyn debut last summer. Their live show left me… what’s the word? Thunderstruck. Yeah, I’ll go with that one. The music is very high voltage, slanted and beautiful, kinda firing on all cylinders. They heal that anxious wound left in the absence of Sonic Youth and their existence gives me hope and reason in this weird year. I’m getting emotional just thinking about the band/crowd connection that we participated in at this show. No disconnect at all like there was in Brooklyn. Just wild eyed adults and juvenile delinquents sharing spilled drinks and slam dances. ‘Twas sort of perfect.

The band began their set with “Alighted” the third track off their incredible self titled debut record. Halfway through the song a 12 year old politely inquired if I minded if they “Get a pit started.” “Go with God” I answered and by the time “Burroughs” took off the middle of the crowd turned into a churning  sweaty whirlpool of twisting limbs and free form gymnastics. As Thurston sang “Get fuckin’ mad. Too fuckin’ bad” I watched with a swelling pride as Kevin went into some impromptu interpretive dance that seemed to go on forever. He’s probably still doing it, albeit mentally of course.

For the encore they pulled out a couple of gems from “Psychic Hearts” Thurston Moore’s first solo album. I called out to Thurston and when he looked I handed him a golf ball that I had used to play some par 3 earlier in the day. “Someone just gave me a golf ball… thanks”! he said as they blasted into  “Staring Statues”. The band was mid way through “Ono Soul” when I turned and gave Kev a big kiss on the cheek and then immediately punched him violently in the arm. That action summed up the experience of being at this show better than a rehab clown like myself could ever hope to do so I’m just gonna leave well enough alone and call it here. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Jasen Ribadenera 4.10.thirteen



  1. Awesome Video At The End!!!!!!

  2. i dig everything that this stands for. Positive vibrations that’s what happiness is to me.

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