The Away Days “Galaxies”

March 6, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

The Away Days



“It’s a deep song that makes us feel really lost. As the song comes to the end, it feels like we found our way. We made this in the basement, no sun, no light.”

That’s what the band says about “Galaxies” the new single off their upcoming EP “How Did It All Start?” Good question. The band formed in Istanbul about a year ago and struggled to get a foothold in Turkey’s throbbing indie rock underground which is of course a bold faced lie. While the band’s origin is completely legit Istanbul doesn’t exactly have a Williamsburg Brooklyn, which in the end was probably a good thing for a band like The Away Days. If they hailed from Brooklyn than you would be able to understand every lyric and that would be terrible. These guys are right where they should be, or were. Does that make sense? Anyways.

The band is like the bastard child of Deerhunter and The XX. The title “Galaxies” may be a little spot on considering the sound is very “mega reverb sprawl with a broken compass.” I doubt anyone would be privy to agree with me if I had the gall to wonder  out loud why they didn’t name the song “Basements” “Crawl Spaces” or “Cramped Quarters” but I’m used to that. Whaddya gonna do?

As I listen to the live version of this for the 6th time I’m leaning back, eyes closed, jaw slacked, feeling it’s drum and bass groove locked tight underneath free ringing guitars and what sounds like “I want you, I want you bad” sung with a raised voice and I’m convinced this is a good tune.  Check ‘em out because I know I’m right.

Goodnight and God Bless

Jasen Ribadenera

3-5-13 8:45 PM


  1. elif says:

    very well described. one of the best reviews i’ve ever read. song is amazing too.

  2. Michelle says:

    Pretty song! Gives me that feeling of when I’m leaving someone special and I know we won’t see each other for awhile, and as I walk away I turn back to take one last glance, feeling the love and yet the vacancy already.

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