The Eternal Growl -Night at the New England Underground Music Festival-

October 16, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

The Eternal Growl


-Night at the New England Underground Music Festival-

Who in their right mind would make an hour long documentary where nothing happens? I ask you that. This mad scene happened last month and I went for one night, by my lonesome and tried hard to soak it in. Problem is is that I soaked up too much and began to leak. If you cant stand the heat…

I walked around and sipped a Fuji water while wandering into sets by bent men with bent noises. Some was surreal, some was contrived but none was expected. I was at ease to stand in the corner, wandering out from time to time to scribble down quotes from the heads outside. None which need be used now. I did meet a couple from New Hampshire that thought I was some boy from some band I’d never heard of. I told them I play drums for Fall Out Boy. Just kidding. I did do that once though but that’s another story.

Anyways, for me it was mostly about seeing Sunburned Hand of the Man. The improv mess that does everything right. John Maloney fired on all cylinders and they went to some pretty far places before bringing it home and passing out in the front yard. Watch them take off at the 3:24 mark.

During the drive home I felt like playing some soothing Simon and Garfunkel but quickly realized that the car stereo is completely useless. Nothing works. Dead. So I spent the remainder of the trip with the world for songs and I think that was fitting. I needed the space.

Jasen Ribadenera

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