The Men / Tomorrows Hits

March 5, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

The Men

Tomorrow’s Hits


Sacred Bones 2014

by Jasen Ribadenera

Don’t come at me with those Dylan comparisons bro. I hope to Christ I didn’t just hear somebody utter the name George Thorogood. Keep yr tongues out of yr cheeks with all them clever classic rock comparisons cuz they’re worthless like a guidance counselor. What The Men have done is record Tomorrow’s Hits and it’s a wild dirty kinda thing, like an ’89 Camaro in the mud. Don’t think too much, just drive.

In all seriousness. Tomorrow’s Hits is a motherfucking barn burner! My favorite song from their last album New Moon (Sacred Bones 2013) was “The Seeds.” When I first heard it, it was one of those moments where you almost just want it to end quicker so you can start over and turn the volume up. But I digress. The first track here is “Dark Waltz” and it comes out stomping loud and proud, telling the story of “Ma’s brother Bill” who “played drums, sold weed, and carried a gun” and was evidently “a real mean son of a bitch too!”  It’s around this time that you start to grin and remember that spring is almost here and it’s gonna be a nasty summer. Yup. “Another Night” had me laughing hysterically at first listen. Definitely my favorite one among. There hasn’t been a song this good since the theme for Family Feud! The bulk of Tomorrow’s Hits is mostly jump around and march music for the greaser in all of us (save for the AM radio-like “Settle Me Down” which comes on like good advice) and sets itself apart by not being afraid to serve up it’s version of the past with gusto and hash. This is freak music for freaks. Sorry if you miss it.

I mean, what can I say about a record this good? It’s definitely a period piece. By that I mean years from now it’s gonna carry you right back to the days when it served as the soundtrack to some of the best times of yr life, if you let it. Did I misuse the phrase “period piece”? Oh well, I’m really exhausted from all the dance moves. Talk later.

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