The Noise

September 25, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

The Noise


Bostons worst kept secret

In my little view 10% of “noise” music is exciting and honest and 90% of it is boring rehearsed masturbation. One thing I am pretty sure of though, is that 100% of the time you’ll sound like a dick explaining what it is, or what you think it to be. So allow me to explain.

I’ve never been fully able to leave the genre be while making my own music and for that I’ll forever hold a grudge. While recording a simple verse-chorus-verse acoustic track the urge to include underlying layers of nonsense sound bites and delay damaged, heavy guitar feedback is often too strong to ignore. That’s my cross to bear. I’ve had my fun playing pure noise in the ill fated experimental band Operation Yoshima during which I had something of a moment of clarity as to why most of these rude sounds continue to exist. It’s just as much for the performers as it is the for the audience, at least for me.   In my little experience playing noise was, for better or worse about fucking up instruments that weren’t mine with people I didn’t really like while people watched me do it.

Thank god I never found a “scene” when I was 18. Or maybe not…

Anyways, Long Live Yoko Ono!

Jasen Ribadenera

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