Weekends “New Humans”

September 6, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra



New Humans

Friends Records

The music creeping out of Baltimore on the Friends record label is some of the greatest in our lower 47 (fuck you Florida.) Weekends released New Humans this week and it’s the best batch of songs I’ve heard in months, ages. To be perfectly frank, the lead-off track “New Humans” is the most wicked start off song out there right now. Dive three deep into this melee and you’ll find a song called “Bedroom Fuzz.” It is good and it needs to be listened to 5 times in a row and it needs to be loud. Eight songs in there’s a tune called “June Echo” and it too is good and it too warrants repeated listens. It’s really that simple.

This two piece fuck show consists of Adam Lempel and Brendan Sullivan and together they¬†create confident catchy experimental punk rock that I can’t, for the love of god, successfully explain to you with mere words but I’m trying. The vocals sound like a mumbling manic depressive howling threats from heaven. Animal drums, mine shaft guitar. Classy as shit, fun as heck. New Humans is a triumph of vision, a celebration of all things weird.

Here’s the video for “Defining Love”

Smoke crack, worship Satan.

Jasen Ribadenera




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