Wet Nuns “Broken Teeth” Video

February 25, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

Wet Nuns “Broken Teeth”


Alcohol abuse and upside down crosses. Thank you Wet Nuns for bringing these to the forefront in your glorious “Broken Teeth” video.

When a friend recently asked me if I’d ever heard of the Wet Nuns over bagels and 7$ organic juice I misheard him and thought he’d asked if I’d ever heard of “Wet Ones.” Great name I thought instantly, name yr band after wet naps and still keep the sexual connotation, fucking great. I was thankfully corrected by him and wandered home to eventually fire up this filth, with only a “Black Keys” reference to work with and I was blown away to tell you the God’s honest, which… of course, is the only time God will be mentioned in this, or “God willing” any other mutterings about these guys from now till forever. Satan however, will hopefully be given a proper shout out because they owe her big. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, I loved ‘em right off the bat, before the music really even started.

Why? Because the video begins with “Only Death is Real” written on the back of a t-shirt being taken off by the drummer who obviously proceeds to drop his pants in what I can only assume is par for the course for a Wet Nuns show, which is what this video video’s… them playing live with some white scribble animation tastefully peppered throughout. I don’t see the Black Keys comparison beyond the fact that they’re both 2-piece groups using guitar and drums but I am tasting Sabbath, Witch, and hints of Motorhead on the pallet.

I’ll have to keep this short because for good or bad the song is giving me cravings for freebase and barely legal porno so just let me leave you with this.

Watch the video, play the songs, whatever you do just do it loud enough to piss off yr roommates, neighbors and, with a bit of luck, whatever it is that yr parents choose to call God.


Live Fast, Wet Nuns


Jasen Ribadenera


Watch “Broken Teeth” now!

Wet Nuns Tour Dates



21st Feb – NEWCASTLE – Think Tank

22nd Feb – EDINBURGH – Electric Circus

23rd Feb – GLASGOW – Broadcast

25th Feb – LEEDS – Brudenell

28th Feb – LIVERPOOL – Kazimier

01st Mar – STOKE – Sugarmill

02nd Mar – NORWICH – Arts Centre

03rd Mar – BRISTOL – Croft

04th Mar – BRIGHTON – Sticky Mike’s

05th Mar – LONDON – Birthdays

06th Mar – BIRMINGHAM – Rainbow

07th Mar – MANCHESTER – Now Wave @ Roadhouse

11th Mar – NEW YORK – New York Sound City

12th – 17th Mar – AUSTIN, TEXAS – SXSW Festival

30th – 31st Mar – SHEFFIELD – Detestival

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