White Reaper / Self Titled

May 6, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra

White Reaper


Self Titled

June 24 / Polyvinyl Records

I once had a roommate of mine react to me telling him that I was trying to get into the business of music journalism by way of writing record reviews with the statement, “Well, who cares what you think?” Looking back on it now, I have to give that chubby little freak the credit he deserves for such a scorching observation, no matter how bitchy his intentions (I had failed to come up with the security deposit I’d guaranteed him on move-in day and was also late with rent for the second month in a row). It’s not like I listened or anything. Never that. Instead, I opened an email sent from White Reaper’s people and let loose.

If I had things my way their new self titled EP would start with the song “Conspirator” because it’s a wild and un-hinged 3:40 that molests the listener in the best way possible simply by being itself. For three chord throwback punk it does what it sets out to do: make a lot of noise and stick in yr head, but that’s not the end all be all for these guys. There’s more to these little bastards than the opening track “Cool” may lead you to believe. There’s something right under the surface that says that they’re more than just some Ty Segall leeches and Jay Reatard parasites. Yeah, I’ll give it to you, with song titles like “Funn” and “Ohh (Yeah)” one gets the sense that White Reaper are doomed to be just another regionally popular bunch of white boys who discovered The Buzzcocks on Spotify last summer and aspire to score a Levi’s jeans commercial or two, and hell, maybe they are – but I hope not. Why? Well, because like I said, there’s something there that makes me believe that they’re gonna create something even better the next go around, granted they make it past the hype phase and don’t find a reliable coke connect.

Anyways, listen to “Conspirator” three times and cut ’em some slack for the rest.


J Ribadenera

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