Woods / Bowery Ballroom / 7.27.13

August 5, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra



Bowery Ballroom


“I’m looking only to start another day. It feels close, it feels so close but the time just slips away.” I feel that, homie. The opening words from “Pushing Onlys,” the lead off song from last Saturday’s amazing Woods show at the Bowery. I met my friend Matt out front an hour before the show started and that should turn you on to how hip I am to these guys because I fear anything except a good ol’ fashionably late entrance to most goings ons. We ate dumplings on a stoop in Chinatown and took swigs from a bottle of Knob Creek to kill time. If yr gonna do something, do it right.

Didn’t catch the openers Alex Bleeker and the Freaks but we set up shop on some cheesy leather couches in the corner of a “bottle service” looking section of the Ballroom’s mezzanine to witness Endless Boogey crank out some AC/DC meets Stooges and births a deformed child sounding songs that the girl behind me dubbed “so bad.” We enjoyed it.

Woods start playing and are joined by a wizard of a man 5 feet to our right dripping exotic oils and cheap watercolors on one of those projectors yr elementary school teacher would kill the lights for right after recess – only this time, no one was nodding off (that’s probably not true.) It was like being at The Fillmore in San Francisco in 1967 only we were in NYC in 2013. Wait, I take that back. What the fuck am I sayin!? It was nothing like that. San Fran ’67 wouldn’t find a thinning haired hammered boy muttering cheap threats behind us, believing Matt cut in front of him when coming back from his extraordinarily¬†long “cigarette break” but then again, maybe so. Pay no mind, I kept thinking… after threatening him of course. ¬†Then we danced and jumped around to “Cali in a Cup.” Par for the course.


The highlights that keep flashing back are the extended jam version of “Bend Beyond” with the house lights shut off and the trippy swirls acting like the band’s weird fifth member. “Rain On” for no other reason except it’s a song so beautiful it could tear you up even if performed in the feminine hygiene section of a 24/7 Duane Read at 6:30 on a Wednesday. And finally, the closing song of their encore where they brought up this Alex Bleeker fellow and gave us their version of Creedence Clearwater’s classic “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” finding everyone arm in arm screaming “I wanna know…!” That’s gonna stick in my brains for the long haul. What a great time.

This show was bittersweet for me as it was one of my last nights living in NYC but looking back I’m glad it was a Woods show with a brother and I’m happy I got to experience that moment in time. ¬†Because not for nothin’ but I’d rather regret something I did do than something I didn’t.


See you in the pit!

Johnny. WMASS 8-4-thirteen

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