Woods “God’s Children”

July 2, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


“God’s Children”


I don’t understand how something like this goes unnoticed in my lonely world of music and women but it did and goddammit I’m ashamed of myself. On top of that I’ve been playing Robyns Body Talk Pt. 1 record at full volume while curled up fetal on my bed so I fear something is seriously afoot with the kid. Reading this back I realize it’s time I seek therapy. But this isn’t about me or my private kinkiness it’s about the new Woods single ‘God’s Children” that I blundered upon while surfing the web (does anybody use that term anymore?) It’s a pretty left field choice to cover an old Kinks song but Jeremy and the boys do justice by jamming about this God who evidently made us along with trees, mountains, wars and disease. It’s funny hearing Jeremy sing “We gotta go back to the way the good lord made us all.” After 3 listens I feel the spirit glowing within me. They say God is the last drug you’ll ever do and goddammit I think they’re on to something.

The single will be released on the public July 9th.

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