Woods / “Moving To The Left”

March 28, 2014

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra



“Moving To The Left”

“All of my life / Is this happening again?” This question starts off the new track by Woods from their upcoming album With Light And With Love due April 15th and the answer is a resounding yes! It’s called “Moving To The Left” and it picks up where their last album, 2012’s amazing Bend Beyond left off.

Woods are evolving into a more cohesive and intentional sounding band and they’ve come a long way from the hazy days of spontaneously recording songs hours after they were written to an ancient tape machine on a coffee table in their apartment in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Our boys are growing up and their songwriting is maturing gracefully into fruition. You may be scoffing at these words but please, allow me to clarify the term “maturing” as it applies to Woods.

If making a record in an actual recording studio for the first time with well practiced and fully formed songs means that Woods is maturing than I guess they’re guilty as charged. If spending more than an hour on a song before putting it on wax is a sign of maturity and growth then well, the shoe fits. This new track shows ’em flexing their pop muscles with it’s bouncing bass line and stuttering guitar lead under ramshackle acoustic strumming’s and Jeremy Earls trademark soprano. There’s even a theremin for Christsakes!  C’mon! If that’s not maturing than I don’t know what is. Nothing says growing up and coming into one’s own like a warbling theremin. And that’s the honest truth yo.

Go with God and press play.

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