Yellowbirds Rockwood Music Hall 6-5-13

June 13, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


Rockwood Music Hall



I talk about Yellowbirds a lot. I know it, you know it. Acceptance. I’m just astounded how nobody around me seems to pay attention to them. Maybe it’s the company I keep. Whatever. I’m not gonna lie. It’s always a shameful and cheap high to find pleasure in being privy to some band before yr friends catch on but shit, it’s hard not to feel the warmth hearing music that seems like it’s all yours. As fleeting as it may be.

I’ve been constantly rotating 2011’s “The Color” since, well, 2011 but was too caught up and distracted to seek out the live show. Bitches man, bitches. I’ve since come to my senses, or should I say I was brought to my senses earlier this year when I stumbled upon “Young Men of Promise,” an early promotional single for Songs From the Vanished Frontier. I fell in love again, hard. I instantly regretted not seeing their masterpieces produced on some sticky stage in lower Manhattan. Yellowbirds were destiny, what a fool I’d been to defy them.

It all culminated last Wed. Sam Cohen brought his trippy power pop to the lower east side and it was amazing. The first show of a four week Wednesday residency at the famous NYC space Rockwood Music Hall. I was too into it to keep a set list and let observation fall by the wayside and just stood up front and took it all in. It was a night of extremes. One thing I can’t get out of my mind is how fucking crazy and heavy “Our Good Days Are Gone” sounded. When I looked around it looked as if someone had prepared a mass choreographed sway and hop for the crowd to break into when they felt it necessary. For a four piece band to push huge landscapes of sound off stage was an awesome thing to hear and the results were an awesome thing to witness/experience. Shows like this are the reason I’ve always needed to go to shows, to put it dumb. Once in a while you catch a glimpse, and that reminds you of the joy and the beauty that exists in the expression of someone’s music. They’re playing next Wed 6-19 on the 2nd stage at Rockwood. 11PM sharp and the Wed after that. If you can’t go than empathy is what feel for you. If you don’t go just because… than pity is what I’ll feel for you. For a minute.

That’s enough out of me.

Jasen Ribadenera

Wycoff & Green

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