May 30, 2013

Written by: Jason Ribadeneyra


Songs From the Vanished Frontier

Royal Potato Family



I’m making a very weird decision right now. Long story kind of short I’m going to prove a point that I’ve learned to hold close. Record reviews are usually shit and unless they’re coming from a like minded friend, a molesting uncle,  a trusted musician, or some bat shit loony hurling obscenities from the stairs of the public library, than don’t bother reading them.

I’m going to review this record having heard only three songs… and it’s going to be 100% accurate. Promise

I love Yellowbirds and this guy Sam Cohen’s dented style of writing. I loved his last album, and I love, with arms wide, the 3 songs I’ve heard from Songs From the Vanished Frontier. I was walking home last week and recognized, from a distance, an upright ass. As I approached there was no mistaking the shape. It was a human ass, a women’s ass and legs, pants bunched down around the ankles. It was reared proud at the foot of a damaged couch that had been put out to pasture on the curb, three buildings from where I stay. I knew the couch, it had been there for days. I didn’t recognize the ass though. Eventually… I came on the scene and couldn’t help but to “look left” to survey the disgusting display. Did I mention it was drizzling rain? As I walked by with my usual clipped pace I saw curly brown hair draped over a pale mans belly and beard face forming a smile as he put his brand on this forgotten wet couch totally  relaxed. Out of my peripheral I felt alone.

God, I wish I could wash my memory. I feel so depraved even making fun of this situation. It happened though and I had to see it so…

As I walked towards my apt a young man turned the corner and as he passed I told him to “prepare himself.” His face curled into a confused/offended expression that I’ve come to know intimatley while living in Brooklyn and after about four steps past he turned and said “What?” with a very aggressive spike to his tone. I started to punch in the entrance code on the keypad of my building thinking maybe all three of these fuckers were C.I.A. and the deal was about to go down… but nothing happened.

“Fuck him” I thought. I heard garbled noise from that direction as the front door slowly closed and I don’t know if it was another question for me, a challenge, or some reaction to that ugliness down the way but I do know this… this new Yellowbirds album is great so go buy, steal, or borrow it.

Keep movin’ on.

Jasen Ribadenera             5-28-2013 “East Williamsburg, NY”

Here’s a video for “The Ceiling” with an underwater theme.



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